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System power: A chiplet example

Published by David Ratchkov, May 22, 2020

The CDX (Chiplet Design eXchange) workstream under Open Compute Project’s ODSA sub-project is actively looking at the problems of chiplet integration. The group has been making pretty good progress toward open formats for exchanging data.

I had the opportunity to put my 2 cents of work and analyze power for a chiplet system using our PowerMeter™ software.

The example is very common system - small IoT device consisting of 7 chiplets, including a micro controller with integrated BLE, accelerometer, heart rate monitor, charger, and more. It included all the components of a typical system - a compute engine, a large energy consuming IO block, a few other small blocks, all getting activated and deactivated at different points in time to perform an operation.

Want to find how we did that? Below is a video of the presentation (you can also find it directly here as the May 8th, 2020 recording) .

But first, special thanks to Jawad Nasrullah for enabling the work by providing the team with the design data.

Contact us to find out how we can help you with your power analysis needs. Until then - enjoy the video!

If the video above doesn't work, here is the direct link: YouTube