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David Ratchkov
Founder and CEO

We believe in reducing power dissipation in semiconductor devices. It is our mission to enable Everyone involved with semiconductor design better understand, plan and optimize power dissipation of their devices. For this we have developed PowerMeter™ - an innovative platform for full chip and system power dissipation analysis.

Founded in 2018, Thrace Systems is a privately-held Electronic Design Automation company. We are headquartered in San Jose, CA, USA, with extended team in Bulgaria, EU. Our founder started his career in the Semiconductor industry in the distant 1999 at LSI Logic Corp, and has worked on power related aspects ever since, including power planning, power grid design, power analysis, mower correlation and power modeling.

We are active participants in OCP OSDA Chiplet Design Exchange (CDX) group helping define and implement an open format for data exchange and in Si2's UPM WG helping define the future of IEEE2416 "Standard for Power Modeling to Enable System-Level Analysis".